some pictures of my equipment:

Alinco DR600 Alinco DR599 - main 2 and .7 m rig. FT840
Gelozo G4.109 Gelozo G4.220 - perfect noizless receiving. IC 746PRO - main rig for CW
TEK 2445B - used every day - reliable and very robust device. Old sygnal generators - still functioning vrey well. EICO 425
Antenna tuner HF - using with FT840 - very good device MFJ Antenna tuner VHF  
Yagi 2 Antenna 2m, H pol, 14.4 Dbi 2m Yagi ILS, Vert pol,14 Dbi Windom antenna 80- 6m
R51M- old military CW station (improved for LSB-USB-AM-FM) I am using it for fun and some testings. YAZCh-51 old, but very reliable russian frequency counter - up to 3.5 Ghz